Transparency International Hungary (TI) set up the Corporate Supporters Forum (CSF), which aims to bring under one roof those corporations that strive to operate in an ethical, transparent and accountable way and thus wish to become a role model for other business actors.


Membership to CSF is by invitation and corporations which are considered to be of good standing and promoters of the anti-corruption movement, integrity in leadership and good governance, will be invited to join upon recommendation.


Members shall be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Participation is free of charge for two persons at TI Hungary’s events
  • Invitation to anti-corruption events organized by the TI movement
  • Annual and audited reports of TI activities and finances
  • Appearance of the company name and logo on TI’s website and other promotional materials
  • The sponsoring party is entitled to indicate on its website and in brochures about its CSR activities the following formula: „Supporter of the Transparency International Magyarország Alapítvány”.
  • TI Whistleblower Hotline Service (on request – paid)
  • Further tailor-made courses based on separate agreements in consultation with the company’s management.

Membership fee

CSF has no extra Membership Fee. The Sponsoring Agreement contains a yearly sponsorship fee according to company’s turnover:


yearly fee

0-1 billion HUF/year: 500 000 HUF
1-10 billion HUF/year: 1 000 000 HUF
10-25 billion HUF/year: 1 500 000 HUF
25-50 billion HUF/year: 2 000 000 HUF
over 50 billion HUF/year:

2 000 000 HUF or above

CSF members



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