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Transparency in Corporate Reporting (TRAC)

Transparency in Corporate Reporting (TRAC) is a research based on the methodology of Transparency International that inspects the degree to which the world’s biggest enterprises publish information in the following three fields: reporting about anti-corruption programs, organizational transparency (data regarding the subsidiaries),  and reporting by country. There is a separate ranking for the three fields respectively, ranking the enterprises on a 0-100 percent scale. The overall index is the average of these three numbers.

The most important elements of reporting as suggested by TRAC:

  1. Reporting about anti-corruption programs: This indicates whether there are substantial regulations to prevent corruption at the firm. It also shows the corporation’s commitment to anti- corruption and the consciousness about corruption risks.
  2. Transparency within the organization: it inspects the reporting of consolidated and unconsolidated subsidiaries that contains the denomination of all subsidiary, associated, related enterprises, their place of registration and operation and the proportion of the ownership of parent companies.
  3. Country by country reporting: reporting of information on the key financial data about international operations in all countries.

TI Hungary has completed this survey several times, in 2013, it inspected the 50 biggest Hungarian companies and in 2015, the world’s biggest telecom companies.

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