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Mentor Program: Investigative Journalists

During the last six months we trained 5 students in the framework of the 2nd mentor mentee program and at the moment another five more youngsters are being selected for the 3rd program to cooperate with their mentors on the production of investigative articles. Related events of the past six months included the project opening discussion in February, the workshop and movie screening dedicated to the presentation of the tools of investigative journalism in March and the closing event and award-giving ceremony in April.

The opening event in February welcomed the mentors and gave the audience the opportunity to receive first-hand experiences and personal stories on how information is gathered, how contacts are selected and handled, etc.

The screening in March was followed by a roundtable discussion on topics closely related to the main theme of the movie “Kill the Messenger” i.e. how far should we go in obtaining the truth and how information can be verified by all means.

The closing ceremony in April witnessed proud young professionals who shared their experiences and favorite stories about their cooperation with the mentors.

These workshops have become core activities of the mentor mentee program as they each attract about 20-25 people. They offer a great opportunity to reach out to a wider audience interested in investigative reporting.

The articles written in the framework of the project can be read below in Hungarian.

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