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For High Schoolers: The Erasmus+ Program

International strategic partnership in the field of public education

Never before has a booklet for teachers and high school students been made in Hungary to collect a basic knowledge of corruption and transparency. Three Chapters of Transparency International (TI), the Hungarian, the Slovenian and the Italian, has made a joint publication for the assignment of the European Commission, that collects the shapes, reasons and aftermaths of corruption.

Many have said many times that education is the key to a country’s development and the theorem of education’s key role has been confirmed by scads of researches. The progress of the level of education would have a far-reaching impact on both economy and society.

It is substantial though what is edified and how. We believe it is important for students to learn, among other things, about corruption and transparency during their school years. We imagine the transmission of knowledge, as this booklet proves, through playful and interactive forms and scenario trainings.

The consciousness of corruption within the Hungarian populace is relatively high, and according to TI’s surveys people realize that abuse of power is rife. Old fetches in deeper levels of society, mutually asking for favour still works and many tries to gain advance through fraud. A blessing in disguise is that people are beginning to recognize the problem. It is aggravating, however, that the Hungarians can hardly see the get-out of this situation. Even the relatively young people, the 18-29 year-olds mostly believe it is hard to get on in Hungary without corruption.

During our program, all the three Chapters of TI tested the booklet in six schools and modified it according to the feedbacks. The first part of the material is willing to provide the basic knowledge for students which can help the teacher to teach them for basic concepts of the field of anti-corruption, such as the election system, the basic rights, the public funds, the lobbying or the freedom of information. The second part of the booklet provides lesson plans, built on the tried-out interactive games, for the success of the 45minutes school classes.

At the same time with the development of the booklet, an e-learning module has been made to test the students’ knowledge in a playful way. According to our plans, it will be continuously possible to broaden the online interface, with this giving chance to the teachers and students to share the methods and games that they invented and found successful. We completed the 22 questions test with situational tasks that may face the students with the possible consequences of their decisions.

One of the most fascinating part of the project was the short film contest, from what we expected scenario ideas from the students. Our expectation from them was to look at the anti-corruption topic from a positive aspect, showing that it is possible to say no for the corruption. We were more than glad to help to realize the best ideas, which are available here with the booklet as well.

Hungarian short films:

Italian short films:

Slovenian short films:

We are very grateful for the help and cooperation in this project of the ELTE Radnóti Miklós Gyakorló Általános Iskola és Gyakorló Gimnázium and the Gandhi Gimnázium, Kollégium és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola in Pécs.


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