Youngsters feel that they should be part of the fight against corruption, but assume that their efforts would be disregarded. Many of them don’t know what to do when encountering corruption. The goal of the project was to strengthen a societal basis that rejects corruption, through an educational and mobilization program based on civil cooperation between TI and joining youth organizations such as universities, colleges for advanced studies. The results of the project: TI educated young students countrywide about the dangers of corruption and gave them an opportunity to actively promote a transparent public life. During the program we developed training and e-learning materials and we started our mentor mentee program for future investigative journalists. Benefits: The participating organizations and youngsters understood corruption better and we had the capacities to engage youth in building a transparent society besides to create the first anti-corruption educational program.

The main goal of the TI Academy project is to educate young  students  countrywide  about  the  dangers  of  corruption  and  to  give  them  an opportunity  to  actively  promote  a  transparent  public  life. As  part  of  the  project  we are collaborating with universities,  colleges  for  advanced  studies  and  other  youth  organizations. Within the framework of the project we have held several lectures at different institutions, for example at the Corvinus University in cooperation with the István Széchenyi College, or at Farkas Heller College.

Outside of Budapest we have organized teaching sessions in the  countryside,  through various cooperating partners in Győr, Szeged, Debrecen and in Pécs. In Győr, we work with the Lajos Batthány College, in Debrecen, we work with the István Hatvani College.

During  the  program  we  have created  training  materials to successfully educate young  adults  about  the  effects  of  corruption.

We have developed e-learning materials as well which can be useful for students who are not able to meet us personally at our events. They can download these materials that allows them to learn more about anti-corruption in an understandable and comfortable way. In 2015, we have held lectures about the Hungarian party-and campaign financing system, the corruption risks in public procurements, and the importance of freedom of information. We have built cooperation with 13 universities and colleges and educated about 250 students at our events and workshops.

 Duration of the project:

2013. September 2nd – 2016. March 31st

The project was supported by:

Amount of support:
110,122 EUR

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