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Beyond the Bubble

The aim of the project of TI-Hungary named “Beyond the Bubble” is to strengthen the social embeddedness of the organisation and to broaden its circle of supporters with the help of new and innovative tools. The project aims to reach out groups and individuals who are representing other political platforms besides the existing circle of supporters of TI-Hungary, within the framework of debates both in Budapest and in the countryside.

Since we believe that ensuring the lawful use of public funds is a matter of common concern, therefore we expressly strive to recognize the opinion of people who are also concerned about the phenomenon of systemic corruption, but on other issues they may have a different position from us. Further on we are planning the use of a debate application to identify topics of high relevance at the local level.

In order to stimulate social dialogue, we will organize interactive dialogues at numerous venues in the countryside during the year, where in cooperation with local communities, we are going to discuss important public issues reflecting on their experiences, which affect the phenomenon of systemic corruption, but also provide an opportunity for informal conversations. Among others we organized a conversation as part of this endeavour in Pécs about the contribution that investigative journalism makes to eradicate corruption. In June we are going to evaluate the future prospects of the European Union with the help of distinguished experts in Szeged, and we will also discuss with those present what community we want to live in during the next EP cycle.

For the rest of the year, we will organize further discussions; the details of which will be published on the website and on our Facebook page.


The project was supported by the Open Society Foundations.

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