Integrity Pact by TI to be used on the M6 Motorway project

Transparency International Hungary will monitor the preparatory phase and the execution of the contract to build the final section of the M6 motorway. The section between Bóly and Ivándárda, at the Croatian border, is the first motorway project to be monitored by a non-governmental organization. In 1994, Transparency International developed a tool called Integrity Pacts…

Is There a Solution to Make Public Procurements Free of Corruption?

There is. The solution is an effective civil control mechanism, the so-called Integrity Pact (IP). This solution is at the centre of the large-scale international conference’s focus that Transparency International Hungary (TIH) has organized on February 17-18 2014. The conference was attended by approximately 50 professionals from over 12 countries. The IP has already been…

TI Monitored a Procurement Procedure by the Hungarian National Bank

As the result of a successful cooperation between the Magyar Nemzeti Bank and Transparency International Hungary (TI), the anti-corruption organisation monitored a public procurement procedure by the Bank for the second time. TI found that the MNB conducted the procedure in compliance with the relevant law and in accordance with the highest standards of transparency.…

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