This guide to handling complaints was established with the aim that, should anyone have a remark on the conduct of our organisation, they are provided with sufficient information on how we evaluate, process, and incorporate these remarks into our framework.

1. The method of submitting your complaint

We encourage you to indicate your complaints, questions and observations regarding the conduct of our business in writing:
Mailing address: 1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa u 30.

2. Client service

Our organisation does not have a specific timetable for receiving clients, however, if you would like to indicate your observation regarding our work via phone, please call our number (+361/269-9534) on a Tuesday, between14:00 and 17:00 PM

3. Registering your complaints

We will get back to you within 5 working days after receiving your questions or complaints. In our reply, we will detail the manner and timeframe of the investigation.

4. Process of evaluating complaints

  1. e-mail response containing the acknowledgement of the complaint, in addition to the method and timeframe of the investigation.
  2. naming the colleagues responsible for the handling of the complaint.
  3. calling into accountability and creating a record for those responsible.
  4. coordination (in writing, via phone or a meeting) regarding the outcome of the first investigation, creating a record of this.
  5. establishing a written statement (condemnation, further steps, corrective measures in case of a legitimate complaint).
  6. presenting the written statement and possible measures to the complainant.
  7. The method and time of reacting to a complaint

We are doing our best to process your questions and complaints as fast as possible. We can guarantee the compilation of a written statement on your question or complaint within 30 days of receiving it.

5. Client rights

A complainant has the right to have full access to the documents in connection to their specific case. Additionally, they retain the right to receive information on the judgement of their complaint as well as the right to confidential handling of their data.

6. Annual summary of complaints

We publish a report on our website each year, regarding the complaints received until May 31. The report details the number, topic, status and the outcome of investigations. The report is submitted to the Etikus Adománygyűjtő Szervezetek önszabályozó testületének Etikai Bizottsága by this date as well.

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