József péter  Martin – executive director

I am an economist and a sociologist. I have obtained my MA and Ph.D. degree from the Corvinus University of Budapest. I have been working as Executive Director of Transparency International Hungary since 2013. Being director, I am responsible for all the activities of the organization: professional work, operation, finances, external relations, etc. I closely follow the corruption developments, give lectures, and form opinions. Besides my work at TI Hungary, I am teaching at the Corvinus University of Budapest. I speak English, French and Russian.

previous career

I started my career as an economic journalist in a newspaper called “Világgazdaság” (’World Economy’). After that, I worked in the editorial office of “Figyelő” (’Observer’) in various positions, and from 2003 was nominated editor-in-chief, and served in this position six years. Under my leadership, “Figyelő” won the Pulitzer Memorial Prize in 2006. After years devoted to journalism, I started my own company and worked as a consultant between 2010 and 2013. For a decade and a half, I have been a regular participant in the Hungarian and international media. Having published two dozens of academic and policy publications, my field of research is political economy, corruption and euro-skepticism. I was a co-author of the volume on the 2008 economic crisis, called “Álomcsőd” ((’Dream Default’).


I am a lawyer, I graduated in 2002 at the Law Faculty of ELTE (Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences).  I have been working for Transparency International Hungary Foundation since November 2012. As legal director, I have tried myself in countless areas of the fight against corruption. I contributed to the fact that TI Hungary, often with other organizations, has raised its word against the adoption of laws to cover corruption and the stealing of public property.  I am also accountable for the success of the lawsuits for public interest information access against government institutions and institutions using public money. In addition to the strict legal work, the following of various research and surveys on the topic of corruption is one of my tasks. I regularly report to the press on corruption-related knowledge and about the activities and results of TI Hungary.

previous career

Prior to joining Transparency International Hungary in 2012, I worked for ten years at various state institutions (National Criminology Institute, Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, Ministry of the Interior). In addition to the codification tasks of criminal law, law enforcement, and national security, I was dealing with crime measurement and the operation of the criminal and law enforcement statistical system.


I’m an economist, I graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest. I have been working for Transparency International in Hungary since 2010, now as Chief Operating Officer. In my priority, I am primarily responsible for the finances of the organization and for financial sustainability. As part of this, I am also searching for institutional sources, writing and managing tenders. At the fund, I have previously been involved in a number of business-related projects as a research leader.

previous career

Before TI, I worked for 20 years as a corporate finance manager and financial consultant. I started my career as an investment banker and I was involved in various international and domestic investment banks with a stock market listing, acquisitions and sales, and privatization consulting. I spent two years in the United States as an investment analyst at Prudential Investment Corporation. From the late 90’s I worked as a project financier at Budapest Bank, where I was head of the Structured and Project Finance Department for the last 4 years. After a long business career, the transition to the non-profit sector was a welcomed change, which I have never regretted. In my free time, I love to photograph, this activity fills me up and creates creative energy.


I am a lawyer, I graduated from the ELTE (Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences) Faculty of Law. I have been working for Transparency International Hungary since 2015 as Head of Public Funds Programs. This means that I will primarily run projects on public procurement and the use of EU funds and their corruption risks. For example, I have been tracking two major EU-funded projects, regularly organizing professional conferences with colleagues, but I also pay attention to legislation, individual issues, and statistics.

previous career

After finishing my studies in Hungary, I obtained a Master in European Studies in the Bruges College of Europe. After that, I worked for 10 years in public administration at the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where I was dealing with European Union law, including primarily public procurement, company law, and competition law. From 2007 to 2009 I was the personal secretary of the deputy state secretary for civil law matters. After that I worked for 4 years in the Permanent Representation of Hungary to the EU as an attaché in public procurement, corporate and competition law. In 2014-2015 I worked as a lawyer at MFB Hungarian Development Bank Ltd. where I was dealing with the legal aspects of the financial instruments of the European Structural and Investment Funds.


I’m a language teacher and a tourism economist. Since October 2009 I have been the Head of Office of Transparency International Hungary, and since 2014 I have been involved in the management of educational projects as well. At the investigative journalistic mentor program, we give young people opportunities to find out about corruption cases with experienced journalists, and we have developed an interactive curriculum for high school teachers and students as a part of the international Erasmus + program. Recently, along with my colleagues, we are planning new programs for the business sector. In addition to my daily tasks, I help the funds work with event organization and managing our trainees. I speak English and German.

previous career

In 2000 I graduated from the University of Debrecen’s English Literature and Language Teacher program. I taught at school and at companies, worked as an interpreter and translator, and in 2005 I was looking for new challenges. I was always attracted to the world of the hotel industry, so I was happy to join the Radisson Blu Béke Hotel team as a PR and marketing manager. At the same time, I graduated from the Economics of Tourism and Hotel Economics at the Budapest University of Economics and from 2008 I organized training sessions for the 150 hotels of the hotel group as HR manager at the Rezidor Hotel Group in Brussels. In the autumn of 2009, a new area was once again emerging, the civil sphere and TI Hungary, which has been one of the most eminent works of my life now for 9 years.


I am a communication specialist and I have earned my master’s degree in media and journalism in an Erasmus Mundus joint master degree program in 2015. Since January 2018 I have been working as a communication project manager at Transparency International Hungary, where I am responsible for external communication of the organization. In addition to the management of social media and the organizations’ website, I am also assisting with TI research and in the editing of professional materials.

previous career

I graduated from the ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences and Corvinus University of Budapest at international relations and communication and media sciences. Following this, I was awarded the European Commission scholarship for Erasmus Mundus Media & Journalism Master’s Degree. During my two-year training, I studied at Aarhus University, California’s Berkeley School of Journalism and at the University of Amsterdam. After graduation, I moved to Denmark, where I worked as a Marketing Manager and learned Danish. I moved back to Hungary in 2017, where I initially volunteered in TI Hungary. Currently next to working with the organization, I work as a Danish language teacher.



I am a political scientist and a media expert. After completing the IR bachelor’s program of the Corvinus University of Budapest, I did my master’s degrees at ELTE and the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. I am currently finishing my doctoral studies at CEU. I joined Transparency International Hungary in October 2018 to cover research and administrative tasks related to projects on party financing and civic participation. I am a fluent English and Spanish speaker.

previous career

Before joining TI, I was a doctoral researcher at CEU and a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences of ELTE. My research has mostly focused on different forms of civic participation as well as the internal functioning of political parties on which I have published several academic papers. I also gave lectures in Milestone Institute, and assisted the work of Aeffect Communications and Consulting as a communications advisor working with NGOs among other clients. From 2013 to 2015, I worked as a journalist at Index.hu where I covered domestic politics, as well as Spanish and Latin-American politics.


I graduated in English and Aesthetics at the Faculty of Humanities of ELTE and in International Studies at Corvinus University. In 2011 I became a member of Transparency International. I coordinated the TI Corporate Support Forum and the business-related tasks, and at present, I am at Child care assistance with my smallest children.

previous career

After graduating, I spent half a year at the University of Haifa, where I studied international relations and the Hebrew language as well as taught English as a volunteer in an Arab village. After I came home I became a program assistant in the Roma Equal Opportunities Program of Open Society Foundations. After that I worked as a program coordinator at the Israeli Cultural Institute, organizing cultural events, concerts and film festivals.


I am a lawyer, I graduated at the Faculty of Law of ELTE in 1998. Recently I work as a consultant for the foundation mainly I am dealing with business programs. Previously, between 2012 and 2017 I was a business program manager for TI.

previous career

I worked for 5 years as a trainee, lawyer nominee, and lawyer in one of Hungary’s largest law firms. In 2001 I got the “EU law Specialist” postgraduate degree. I am a co-founder and partner of a successfully established independent law firm, representing small and medium-sized enterprises and state institutions in Hungary and abroad. I lived in Warsaw and Moscow for 8 years. I worked as a Business Development Manager at a Russian real estate office, and I was a member of the Board of Directors of “ Big Brothers and Big Sisters Russia”, one of the most effective mentoring programs in the world for children in need.


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