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New Deadline! Animation Against Corruption – Draw the Story of Benő and Win

New Deadline! Animation Against Corruption – Draw the Story of Benő and Win

NEW DEADLINE: December 4. 12pm

Animation Against Corruption – Draw the Story of Benő and Win!
Competition of Transparency International Hungary

What are we looking for?

We are looking for animations:

  • Starring Benő, who always does the right thing and says no to corruption
  • Telling a story in which Benő faces a corruption-related situation but decides to do what is right
  • Presenting different positive behaviours in corruption situations
  • Teaching a lesson, therefore can also be used as educational films

In a short animation film of 2 to maximum 5 minutes present Benő in a situation such as:

  • Public procurement case:
    A municipal kindergarten school is to be built but instead of opening a tender, the mayor’s company receives the job directly. Benő finds out about the situation and the mayor tries to buy his silence. Benő however refuses the offer and files a complaint.
  • Obtaining a driving license:
    The instructor tells Benő that he can only pass the road test if he pays a bribe, but Benő wants to get his license in an honest way. He calls Transparency International Legal Aid Service for advice. TI helps Benő and the corrupt instructor is arrested by the police.
  • Offering or accepting a bribe:
    In order to obtain his university degree, Benő needs to pass a foreign language exam, but unfortunately he fails at his oral test. The examiner makes it clear that for a certain amount of money, he is willing to give Benő the number of points needed for a successful exam. Benő rejects the offer.
  • Police measure:
    The police stops Benő on the highway to check his documents. Benő left his driving license and the registration certificate at home. The police officer makes it clear that in exchange for money he is willing to turn a blind eye on the incident. Yet, Benő decides to face the consequences of his actions and reports the officer at the police station.
  • At the local council:
    The plans for Benő’s new house are done. He wants to receive the building permit as soon as possible so that the construction can start. The son of the administrator is looking for a job, so the administrator makes an offer: if Benő, a successful building contractor, employs his son, the permit process will go smoothly. Benő declines the offer and files a complaint.

Benő should always make the right decision, this is a criterion. Benő is a positive character, setting an example for the viewer. The cases above are only examples; Benő can appear in any similar situation. Creative solutions will be rewarded, but the situations have to remain close to reality.

The film should contain the following elements:

  • Benő (to download the character click here, or you may also find it under this article in vector format)
  • a corruption situation
  • the disapproval of corruption and choosing the right way

What are the contest’s requirements?

The contest is open for anyone. Applicants are free to decide on the animation technique they wish to use. From stop motion to hand-drawn animation, everything is accepted.

Send the films to in AVI, MPEG, MP4 or MOV format. (Due to the large file size, use WeTransfer.) Make sure to also include your name, phone number and email address in the message!

Deadline: 4 December 2013

1st place: 300 000 HUF
2nd place: 200 000 HUF
3rd place: 100 000 HUF

The presentation of winner animations and the award ceremony will take place on 9 December 2013, at ‘Átláccó’ Festival organized on the International Anti-Corruption Day. (More information about the Festival will soon be available at

If you have any questions about the contest, contact us at!


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