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TI Hungary’s program “We build on each other” has launched

TI Hungary’s program “We build on each other” has launched

On 19 January, TI Hungary launched its program “We build on each other” under the framework of the EU’s program “Europe for Citizens”. It aims to encourage citizens’ active engagement in public life.

The program promotes citizens’ active appearance through encouragement, provides strengthening for participation in democratic processes, development of conscious citizenship, and passes on essential knowledge for citizens of the European Union. Throughout the year of 2018, various events will be organised under the program’s framework: anyone, who is interested, can participate at our interactive workshops in March and April, at Sziget Festival in August as part of a program series with TI Hungary’s international partners, at discussion forums on Hungary’s and the EU’s future in October, or at the festive closing event in December.

The events are taking place in four cities, namely Pecs, Győr, Debrecen and Szeged. In Pecs, TI Hungary has partnered up with “With the power of humanity” Foundation, in Győr its project partner is the Reflex Environmentalist Association, in Debrecen the ’Native’, and in Szeged TI is partnering with SZTEP – an association of Szeged’s political science listeners.

Under the project, several events are also taking place in Romania and Italy, whose organisation TI Hungary’s project partners are responsible for. In Romania, Asociatia Expert Forum (EFOR) will organise events in the cities of Cluj and Constanta; in Italy, TI Italia will organise similar events in Cagliari and Palermo.




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