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It’s Time to Get Moving and Act Against Corruption!

It’s Time to Get Moving and Act Against Corruption!

Transparency International Hungary (TI) is determined to shake youngsters up from passivity with the help of dance moves, calling their attention to the importance of the fight against corruption. The organization will again be present at the Sziget Festival, this time with a large-scale dance flashmob.

TI finds it important to address people directly and to motivate them to refuse corruption. As fresh findings of the 2013 Global Corruption Barometer report, majority feels the need for such efforts. 71% of the survey’s respondents believes that everyday people have means to fight corruption, but there are only very few of those who would actually report corrupt cases.

This is why it is important to teach society how to recognize corruption and how to act against it, for instance by reporting it to the relevant places. „We have to talk to young people, explain to them why corruption is a problem, what negative effects it has for the whole of society. Once they understand this, it might become easier to motivate them to say no to it.” – says Emese Hortobágyi, head of people engagement programs at TI.

In the framework of the Transparency International BASE programs, Emese has already organized several events targeting the young ones, with the aim of building up a community of young people who are ready to actually stand up against corruption. As last year, this summer she is also organizing a big summer campaign, which will appear at the festivals organized by the Sziget Ltd. „These are the locations where we can the most easily get through to young people, provide them with chances to learn playfully, with innovative methods, electronic quizzes. They can dance together against corruption as part of our campaign” – explains Emese. „At the Sziget Festival there has always been a place for important social issues that can contribute to youngsters feeling better in their country” – said Fruzsina Szép, program manager of the Sziget Cultural Mangement Office.


The slogan for this year’s TI campaign is „It’s time to get moving” – dance flashmobs are going to be marking the organization’s presence at the Sziget Festival, culminating in a gigantic dance event on August 9, at 16:30, next to the World Music Main Stage, where embassies are also going to be represented. (The tutorial video showing the moves of the dance is available on the organization’s youtube channel, so anyone eager to try can download it and join the flashmob!)

The campaign is sponsored by the British, the Dutch and the Norwegian Embassy as well, who are all committed to the fight against corruption. „Corruption is to be condemned, because it hinders economic growth and deepens social inequalities. The United Kingdom is committed to anti-corruption at home as well as worldwide. That’s why we work together with the Hungarian government as well, in the framework of the Open Government Partnership, and with Transparency International Hungary – we want to draw people’s attention to this crucial topic.” – explained Jonathan Knott, British ambassador.


„Norway also finds this fight particularly important, as corruption undermines democracy itself, threatens human rights and the rules of the free market economy. As a result of all these, the Norwegian government is happy to support Transparency International in its anti-corruption efforts” – adds Arild Moberg Sande, Chargé d’Affaires of the Norwegian Embassy. The Norwegian support is financed through the NGO Fund of the EEA/Norway Grants.

“The Embassy of the Netherlands believes that accountability is a great value, but even more that this word has to be filled with positive meaning in young people’s minds. The Global Corruption Barometer also highlights what a hot topic this is throughout Europe at this point in time – thus, it makes us happy to be able to support TI’s campaign” – said Marina Varga, senior policy adviser of the Dutch Embassy.

By clicking here, you can find some photos taken at the dance flashmob performed by the Appril project in occasion of the press event.
And click here to see the video.

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