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Constitution-Concerns of the Hungarian Judiciary Elite

Constitution-Concerns of the Hungarian Judiciary Elite

Leading Hungarian NGOs, Transparency International Hungary and the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union besides expressing their criticism about the new Hungarian Constitution and the Constitution-writing process, wish to express their deep concern regarding the recent initiatives of the parliamentary majority to radically encroach upon the independence of the judiciary system.

Therefore we have found it highly important to translate to English and distribute the joint communication of the Hungarian Supreme Court, the President of the National Council of Justice, the presidents of the regional courts of appeals and the county courts of April 14, 2011.

Please find the non-official translation below.

The original document in Hungarian is to be found on the website of the Hungarian Judiciary  (

Ádám Földes

Executive Director
Transparency International Hungary

Balázs Dénes

Executive Director
Hungarian Civil Liberties Union

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