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‘Átláccó’ Festival 2010

‘Átláccó’ Festival 2010

Transparency International offers help for victims of corruption

The organization launched its Legal Aid Service on the International Anti-corruption Day

According to the Global Corruption Barometer released on 9 December 2010, Hungarians are willing to report on corruption, but adequate protection for whistleblowers is missing. Transparency International (TI) held an international conference – with government participation – on the International Anti-corruption Day, in order to present international best practice on effective whistleblower protection.


Lacking adequate protection

Whistleblowers risk their positions, sometimes their lives even, in order to disclose wrongdoings threatening the whole of society. Legal regulations shall provide proper protection and guarantees, thus whistleblowers will not be dismissed from their positions, their life circumstances and employment will not be undermined, while adequate legislation must also guarantee that reports are duly, thoroughly and objectively investigated. The Act on The Protection of Fair Procedures in Hungary is considered a proper whistleblowing policy, but legislation does not cover enforcement and institutional background for handling and investigating reports is also missing.

Dare to Act! Legal Aid Service on Corruption launches

Successful whistleblowing systems always rely on citizens, who – by turning to the competent individuals and organizations – are not afraid to step up and take legal action, should they witness corruption or any other wrongdoing. This type of self consciousness of the citizens is essential for a transparently functioning country. TI Hungary aims to support and help whistleblowers, thus it launched Legal Aid Service on Corruption, part of which the “Dare to Act” website ( is also available, giving useful advice for whistleblowers on how and where to submit reports in particular areas. In addition TI cooperates with a number of law firms on a pro bono basis offering legal representation for citizens willing to fight against corruption.


 2. “Átláccó” Festival

On the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day, TI Hungary held a large scale festival and professional conference, on which international experts presented whistleblowing systems and international best practice. After the conference from 6pm winners of the Dare to Act poster and logo contest were announced. From 9pm onwards the audience was expected at A38 ship for a concert held by Hungarian music band Zagar, after which everybody blew the whistle. ( Photos of the Festival are available here.)

More than 200 works for the contest

Transparency International announced a logo and poster contest concerning the Legal Aid Service, for which more than 200 works were received. Winners and their works were presented at the festival, on an award ceremony. The contest was sponsored by The Royal Embassy of Norway and Telenor.

The winners are:

I. prize logo – shared: Dávid Tiborcz– 250.000 HUF


I. prize poster -shared: László Herbszt and András Breuer– 250.000 HUF


II. prize poster: Máté Majtényi– 200.000 HUF


III. prize poster: Márton Szabó– 100.000 HUF

 The best works are available here!

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