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Siemens and Abb Win Telenor Ethical Company Award

Siemens and Abb Win Telenor Ethical Company Award

This is the second year that Telenor’s Ethical Company Award is granted at Figyelő Top200 Gala. This year’s award in the large enterprises categories was given to Siemens Hungary Zrt and the winner of the SME category was ABB Kft. With the intention of trendsetting, Telenor Hungary established the award in cooperation with its NGO partner Transparency International in order to recognise the projects of Hungarian enterprises committed to ethical corporate conduct.

Companies could enter the competition with specific and already launched anti-corruption and corporate transparency programmes. In the category of large enterprises Siemens Hungary Zrt proved to be the best. Its tender includes several innovative and effective elements which according to the jury can serve as an example for other companies as well. Some of these elements are integrity trainings and the so-called Integrity Dialogue programme which provides cooperation for a manager and an employee on case studies.

In the SME category ABB Mérnöki, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. (ABB Engineering, Sales and Services Ltd.) which is the leading provider in Hungary’s utility and energy sector proved to be worthy of the award. The jury deemed several of its project’s elements exemplary for other sectors and enterprises as they may promote the establishment of ethical corporate conduct in Hungary. To name but a few, these elements are e-learning, internal newsletters, posters, etc.

“In each country where Telenor is present it seeks to respond to big social challenges through the Internet and mobile communication tools. We enable our clients to take control of their lives, to improve their situation, and to build a freer, more open and more transparent society via digital communication. We put emphasis on and stand actively for our operation as an honourable company, and not only do we want to set an example for other enterprises but we also want to help them in becoming ethical entities. This is also the reason why we have established the Telenor Ethical Company Award and grant it for the second time since we are aware of the importance of feedback and appreciation. It is essential for operators to learn about good examples and outstanding awareness programmes which they can apply within their own enterprises”, said Zoltán Németh, Telenor Hungary’s Deputy Chief of HR at the awarding ceremony of Figyelő Top200 Gala on October 11.

József Péter Martin, Managing Director of Transparency International Hungary added, “Based on the submitted tenders the jury consisting of professional representatives of several institutions rewarded two companies that were willing, brave enough and capable to change after their corruption scandals and they have taken the path of transparent operation. TI Hungary is convinced about the fact that in the long run the only sustainable way is ethical and transparent operation as it serves the interest of companies and the country.

Telenor Hungary and Transparency International Hungary have been cooperating since 2012 in order to work out solutions principally for SME sector to stop the corruption that threatens Hungary’s competitiveness. Within the frame of the cooperation, Telenor Ethical Company Award has been established and was granted for the first time in 2012.

The jury of Telenor Ethical Company Award consisted of the representatives of the following organizations: AmCham, CEU Business School, Figyelő, Transparency International. The patron of the jury was Péter Küllői.

More information about the award and the winning tender at

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