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TI Hungary and Telenor Hungary Help Hungarian SMEs Fight Corruption

TI Hungary and Telenor Hungary Help Hungarian SMEs Fight Corruption

Transparency International Hungary and Telenor have signed a long-term partnership agreement. The mobile operator has joined the NGO’s Corporate Supporters Forum whose members are committed to transparent and ethical operation. Transparency International Hungary and Telenor wish to leverage their professional experience to help Hungarian small- and medium-sized enterprises combat corruption.

Telenor has been committed to ethical corporate behaviour and transparent business operation for years. It has been the first Hungarian mobile operator company to join the local Corporate Supporters Forum of the anti-corruption organization. Under the partnership, Telenor wants to join forces with Transparency International Hungary to develop best practice anti-corruption solutions for the Hungarian SME sector. Leveraging the NGO’s unique competence and Telenor’s broad-based practical experience, the partners will develop a comprehensive e-learning material to enable Hungarian SMEs to enforce the principles of fair business behaviour in their daily operation.

“I’m very pleased that Telenor has joined our Corporate Supporters Forum for Hungarian companies taking zero corruption tolerance seriously. Our aim is to ensure means for our supporters to eliminate corruption risks within the company. Moreover we organize exclusive events where company representatives can meet leading decision makers of business life. Our partnership with Telenor sets a model to follow as Telenor has not only committed to its own ethical operation but also agreed to promote the culture of fair business practices in the Hungarian business community. I think that our joint e-learning material can be a very efficient tool in this process”, said Noémi Alexa, Managing Director of Transparency International Hungary.

Telenor is committed to sharing the principles and practical experience stemming from its international presence with Hungarian SMEs with the support of Transparency International. The Hungarian business sector has been producing poor results in most corruption surveys. To combat corruption, corporate action and cooperation is required. This is what Telenor and Transparency International wants to demonstrate with their partnership.

“I highly appreciate the competence and anti-corruption efforts of Transparency International. I’m pleased that we can work together to promote ethical business behaviour and I hope that our example will provide guidance for other companies. Corruption seriously damages the equality of companies, fair competition and a healthy business environment. This is a threat not only to individual companies but also to the country as a whole. We want to make as many companies as possible aware of this problem and join our initiative”, said Christopher Laska, CEO of Telenor Hungary at the press conference.

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