Corruption causes serious problems in many areas in Hungary, both in the political and economic scenes. In order to function as a truly comprehensive anti-corruption organisation, we strive to deal with as many different fields as possible. We find it important to make party and campaign financing, public procurement, and the judiciary system more transparent, and to strengthen the protection of whistleblowers. Our goal is to follow up on the political and economic trends and to influence them with our trustworthy recommendations.

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Public interest advocacy

In the decision making (and law making) processes decision makers not always consider the interests of all parties, as certain possible solutions are completely left out or avoided, and sometimes decisions are made to benefit only certain interest groups. This practice can go as far to even show incompatibility with international law and other international obligations. TI tries to ensure the goals and values of its core principles by evaluating public decision makers and by proposing possible solutions.

Raising awareness

In order to reduce corruption, it is not enough to fix faulty structures and bad practices, as any effective system can quickly break down if those who use it do not respect the division between the private and public sectors, and refuse to act ethically in these situations. TI points out corrupt practices and analyses them in front of a wider professional audience while explaining how the elimination of corrupt practices could better the private and public life.


TI tracks the use of laws, norms, compliance and enforcement in predefined areas and times, using its methodology. This helps to TI to base its public interest advocacy and awareness-raising activities on practical experience.

Research, Analysis

Practical experience can only lead to proposed solutions, if it is subject to constant analysis. Of course, well-known international practices, research on the subject matter and international standards are being utilized as well.


While public interest advocacy is aimed primarily at the decision makers and awareness raising is directed to a wider professional public, activities in education are dependent on experts and the public of the future. TI gives lectures at colleges and universities and takes part in law clinic programs, as well as recruits volunteers and interns who participate in our work on a daily basis.


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