After its formation in 2006, Transparency International Hungary considered, and still considers, action against public corruption as one of its main tasks. TI pays particular attention to legislative changes affecting public procurement, as the regulating procedure, using nearly 1.5 trillion forints per year, has always posed a significant risk of corruption. In the past, TI intended to promote the development of the procurement regulatory system and the domestic public procurement culture through technical proposals, opinions on draft legislation, introduction of international best practices, and active participation of civil control.

In this area, TI works together with several economic and non-profit organizations, educational institutions, research institutions, and small- and large enterprises.

Our partners: Foundation for Modern Public Procurement, American Chamber of Commerce, American Embassy, Procurement Executives’ Club, Corvinus University of Budapest, GKI Economic Research Co., Open Society Institute

Public Procurement HELP DESK

Everything You Wanted to Know About Public Procurement, But Were Too Afraid to Ask (HUN)

The publication is based on the Public Procurement Act coming into force on 2012. January 1st. 

What is public procurement?

Public procurement is the way of spending public funds, which is regulated by law. The aim of the law is to ensure that public funds are used effectively and reasonably. In addition, it ensures that there is accountability and fair financial competetion, and that the general public is informed about the process.

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