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State Owned Enterprises


State owned enterprises make up a vital part of the nation’s wealth. They operate from public funds thus they must provide substantial transparency and have to be accountable to the highest degree. However, their disclosure practices are not appropriate: they do not disclose their operations comprehensibly or in a user friendly way, there is no working monitoring system supervising their operations, management, information regarding staff.

As a consequence, we have launched a 3 year project in 2013 to increase transparency and decrease the risk of corruption cases occurring at state owned enterprises, to promote their commitment towards transparency, to form adequate regulatory environment and promote self-regulating tools and solutions. The project was supported by OSI TTF.

E-LEARNING MATERIAL FOR state owned enterprises »

Transparency International Hungary has inspected numerous companies whether they uphold legal regulations when publishing their data to the public. Businesses have had a noticeably weak average, scoring only 46 points on a scale to one hundred. There were no public companies this spring that upheld all regulations. At that time, TI has decided to help public companies operate in a more transparent and accountable manner. This e-learning material was developed as a result.

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