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9 out of 10 are willing to report an act of corruption

Transparency International Hungary released the results of the Global Corruption Barometer 2010 survey.

According to three quarters of Hungarians, corruption has increased further and they themselves paid more bribes – reveals the 2010 edition of the Global Barometer Report.

In Hungary political parties are mostly involved in corruption

According to the released data, 75 per cent of the interviewed said that the level of corruption rose in Hungary during the past three years. This is the second worst case in Europe. Only Romanians considered the situation more serious.

The research showed that political parties are considered to be the most corrupt institutions followed by the actors of the private sector. The lack of confidence is exemplified by the fact that people regard the business sector signifcantly more corrupt than the rest of Europe.

Bribery is on the rise in health care

Last year, according to interviews,  the majority of bribes were paid in the health sector.While in 2009 only 18 per cent of the respondents were engaged in bribery, this figure has increased to 26 per cent in 2010. Bribery in health care is the leading cause of corruption in Hungary whereas police corruption ranks first worlwide.

Hungarians are willing to report corruption

People are definitely against corruption furthermore, 90 per cent of the respondents would also report an act of corruption upon encountering it. On the contrary to these findings last year’s research revealed that 63 per cent of those who faced an act of corruption did not report the case eventually.

As Ms Noémi Alexa, executive director of Tranparaency International Hungary declared:  „the citizens have to be motivated to stand up against corruption on their own initiative and to reject violations of law as well.
The protection of whistleblowers has to be guaranteed by law and for its proper execution it is necessary to establish the appropriate institutional framework.

The Global Corruption Barometer carried out by Transparency International (GCB) is the only worldwide survey quantifying people’s experiences with corruption. The survey was commissioned by Transparency International and the current Global Corruption Barometer reflects the views  of more than 91.000 citizens of 86 countries.The survey in Hungary was carried out on a sample of 1000 respondents during the period of 28/06/2010 -09/07/2010.

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